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We Treat

Sports and Non-Sports Injuries

ProSport Physiotherapy

Back Pain - Disk Pain - Sciatica

Running Injuries - Overuse Injuries

Headaches – TMJ Disorders – Jaw Pain

Chronic Pain - Pre/Post Operative Pain

Neck & Shoulder Pain

Hip & Pelvic Pain

Ankle & Knee Pain

We Think Differently

Sports Performance

Golf Performance

Golf Physiotherapy

CALL 01904 295125

'I left the clinic feeling as if my life had changed. More importantly,

the regular manipulation required to click my back and hip into place stopped'

of the best I have ever experienced. Highly recommended"




CALL 01904 295125

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"Martin is an outstanding physio who always managed to get me back on

the pitch weeks earlier than expected. He’s one of the best in the business
at managing sporting injuries and I’d highly recommend him to anyone."

Call 01904 295125

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" I’d been suffering with constant back pain for 8 months and

had paid for 18 sessions with another private

physio, I’ve had two sessions with

Martin now and I’m pain free"

Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic in York


At ProSport Physiotherapy York we specialise in treating low back pain, complex injuries and sports injuries. Often our patients are suffering with continued pain and dysfunction despite previous physiotherapy and/or surgery. Our mission is to give you an understanding of the asymmetry of your body and a tailored exercise programme that will enable you to improve your pain and mobility and reduce your risk of further injury.

We Think Differently

We know there are lots of physios who you could see to treat your injuries and pain. That’s why we don’t take it for granted that you’ve chosen us. If you’ve got an injury or pain that is stopping you living your life – WE ARE THE SPECIALISTS YOU NEED TO SEE! We can get you back to the quality of life you deserve, with a treatment approach that focuses on the end goal, which is getting you back on your feet or back on the field, as quickly as possible.

What IS the difference?

The difference between ProSport Physiotherapy and any other physiotherapist is our unique approach. The way we assess your individual needs is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT to anything you will have experienced before. We are posture and movement specialists. Your initial consultation will take the form of a full biomechanical assessment and rather than just assess the site of your injury or pain, we will address underlying biomechanics that contribute to improper joint and muscle position. We will treat the cause of your injury or pain, not just your symptoms.


We are renowned for fixing

people deemed beyond repair


Our Physiotherapists use a variety of techniques and exercises to help patients develop, restore and maintain their maximum range of movement and function. We can treat all types of pain including: back pain, sciatica, shoulder pain, jaw pain, neck pain, trapped nerves, elbow pain, ankle pain, tennis elbow, wrist pain, bladder problems, pelvic floor problems, chronic headaches and breathing problems.

  • Allow you to live your life PAIN FREE

  • Treat conditions that remain unresolved despite previous physiotherapy or surgery

  • Treat chronic pain conditions and pre/post operative pain

  • Resolve disc pain and sciatica

  • Enable you to sit for prolonged periods without tension and aches

  • Improve your breathing pattern – reducing anxiety, stress and increasing your exercise potential

  • Improve your posture & pelvic alignment – reducing back pain

  • Eliminate bladder and pelvic floor problems

  • Allow you to breath & move the way your body was designed to

While physiotherapy is commonly associated with musculoskeletal problems, there are many other health issues that we can successfully treat, including:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Gait disorders
  • Headaches
  • Motor tics
  • Post-Illness/Injury deconditioning

Very often, patients are referred to our physiotherapists to either prevent surgery or to rehabilitate following surgery.With a treatment approach that focuses on the end goal which is getting you free of pain, back on your feet or back on the field, as quickly as possible. Whatever your situation, our team can help you.